We draft OSAP Affidavits

OSAP Affidavit – Single or Common Law Status, Sole Support

OSAP Affidavit – Drafted for you by Notary Pro Canada

Are you applying for OSAP and need an Affidavit to establish your single status or common law status? Or to establish that you are the sole support parent? We can draft this Affidavit for you in the format expected by OSAP or any other institution requiring an Affidavit. Don’t waste time searching Google endlessly. Let us do the hard work. Simply complete the form below to begin, or click here for our blog post about OSAP Affidavits.

Price – Document drafting service: $50 (HST included)

  • Includes drafting of your Affidavit.
  • Simply complete the form below and pay for the service (or, view the form separately here).
  • We will then email your document in Microsoft Word file format (.docx).
  • You can edit or change the document as much as you wish.
  • You can then book an appointment with us to notarize the document ($30 standard notarization fee applies) by booking online here.

Price – Notarize the document: $30 (HST included)

  • Book an appointment to notarize your document by taking the completed document to any Notary Pro Canada location, or to any commissioner or notary public around the world.
  • Please do NOT book an appointment until after we send your draft document via email.

Notary Pro Canada: your Affidavit drafting specialists. Trust the Pros.

Questions? Click here to email us.

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