Notary Public & Commissioner Services


Whether it’s document signing and stamping, we can notarize or commission any document in multiple languages, quickly and affordably.

All of our notaries are licensed Ontario lawyers so you can trust Notary Pro.

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Ontario Notary Public & Commissioner:

  • $30 first notarized / commissioned document by appointment ($26.55 + HST = $30) (includes Certified True Copies)
    • Walk-in service fee: $20 extra without appointment ($50 total)
  • $20 per additional notarized or commissioned document (same appointment only)
  • $60 to notarize Last Will & Testament, or Power of Attorney (for Property and or Personal Care)
  • $60 to notarize Separation, Divorce or Prenuptial Agreement
  • Mobile notary service (we come to you) starting at $45

Drafting service – documents created for you by Notary Pro:

Disclaimer: Nothing on this website shall be considered legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is established.

Authentication & Legalization Services

  • $125 for any authentication attendance at Global Affairs Canada JLAC branch
  • $125 for any legalization of documents attendance at foreign Embassy/Consulate in Ottawa, subject to Embassy fees**
  • **Plus additional document Legalization fees charged by foreign Embassy/Consulate – fees vary – please consult the Embassy/Consulate for pricing and their preferred method of payment.
  • Ready to Authenticate & Legalize? Email us to begin.

Types of Notarized Documents

Below is a list of the documents we can notarize and/or commission. This is not a comprehensive list and if your document does not appear, please do not worry. We can notarize almost any document. Click links for detailed info on specific documents:

Most Common Ontario/Canadian documents

Alphabetical, non-comprehensive list of documents we notarize/commission

  • Affidavits for Small Claims Court matters (Witness statements, etc)
  • Affidavits (any kind, for any country), swearing oaths, and solemn affirmations
  • Bank / OSAP student loan authorization requests
  • Certificates of Life (Example: to verify for pension recipients)
  • Certified True Copies (Example: Driver’s License, Passports, Diplomas, Birth Certificates, Permanent Residency cards, i.e. attesting that it is a “true” copy)
  • Court documents requiring Commissioner for Taking Affidavits
  • CCDC Statutory Declarations (i.e. of Progress Payment Distribution by Contractor – 9A-2001)
  • CPIC/Police/RCMP background check & job application background check (HireRight)
  • Custodianship declarations, child custody
  • Dental, health and life insurance certificates/certifications
  • Divorce Agreements ($60 per notarized copy)
  • Fingerprints
  • Foreign language documents (any type) – You must sign in English & native language
  • Guardianship declaration
  • Insurance proof of loss forms (auto, home, property)
  • Invitation Letters for Visit visas (for family, friends, etc) – We can draft this FOR YOU ($50 – HST included)
  • MTO Vehicle title transfers and sales, family gift of used vehicle
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Real estate/property transaction documents (Mortgage docs, Affidavits, Marital Status, vehicle/boat sales, etc)
  • Recommended Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad (also known as a “Travel Consent” letter for children traveling abroad with spouse or family member)
  • Separation Agreements/Partial Separation Agreements ($60 per copy)
  • Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief (i.e. for vaccination objections)
  • Statutory Declarations (any type)
  • Statutory Declaration of Identity
  • Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (for Passport applications)
  • Sworn Statement for Family Gift of a Used Motor Vehicle
  • Sworn Statements (any type)
  • Translated documents (any type) certified by translator
  • US real estate transaction documents (i.e. Florida time share, cottages), purchase and sale
  • Visitor Visa Letters
  • Last Will and Testament (Bring your own Will – $60 per notarized copy, includes notarized Affidavit of Execution – bring your own witnesses)
  • Any US/American document to be used in US/Canada
  • and many more, just ask!

International trade documents:  

  • Certificates of Origin / Free Sale / Composition
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificates
  • Site Licenses / Price Lists
  • FDA / Health Canada Registrations
  • Packing Lists

Payment Methods accepted by Notary Pro

Debit (tap only) and Exact Cash accepted. Credit cards (tap and chip), Apple Pay and Android Pay also accepted.

**Note: $30 for the first notarized document. Multiple notarizations of duplicate/identical documents are $20 per additional notarized copy/document. For example: Two notarized copies of an identical document will be $50, 3 will be $70, 4 will be $90, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click here to read answers to frequently asked questions.

Apostille – Legalization and Authentication

Sending documents or products overseas? We can authenticate and legalize your documents/products and work with all Embassies and Consulates in Ottawa/Toronto/Montreal. Click here to learn more.

Please remember:

  • to bring two pieces of current identification with photo and signature (ie. drivers license, passport or citizenship card);
  • do NOT sign your document until you are before a notary public or commissioner of oaths;
  • all documents should be completed (except for date and signature) prior to the appointment;
  • we CANNOT notarize or commission declarations unless the person signing the document appears before us; and
  • we can only certify copies of originals, not photocopies.
  • we are NOT a law firm and cannot provide any legal advice in any circumstance

Reviews on Google

  • Nepean summary

    Fast, efficient and convenient. I had an appointment but received a text saying I could stop by sooner if I wanted. It was great to have the flexibility to stop by early and not have to wait. Notary Pro is my new go to!
    Andrew Douma
    Andrew D.
    11:54 15 Nov 19
    Best Notary in Town
    Newbossmail T
    Newbossmail T
    00:26 26 Oct 19
    Quick, efficient, friendly. Definitely recommend them. Thank you
    Johanne Rothwell
    Johanne R.
    23:40 23 Oct 19
    Conveniently located, friendly and punctual. Amazing service in Orleans and the Downtown Core.
    Mena Guirguis
    Mena G.
    17:24 03 Oct 19
    fast, easy and cheap!
    S P
    S P
    11:44 18 Sep 19
    My experience with Robert D Onley, a notary, to sign my will was very smooth. He was very professional and down to earth. I would recommend him to anyone.
    Shelagh MacDonald
    Shelagh M.
    14:45 10 Sep 19
    Appointments are available as soon as you want one or with very little waiting. Great service. Thank you.
    Mary Lee
    Mary L.
    11:25 09 Sep 19
    The address was clear, and there were plenty of parking places in the area. We were welcomed on the appointed time with no issues. The lawyer was very cooperative, clear, and advisable. I am very grateful for her assistance.
    Faiez Baker
    Faiez B.
    02:29 03 Sep 19
    Very professional, efficient and timely service. Would recommend to others.
    Barbara Easby Elliott
    Barbara Easby E.
    23:07 23 Aug 19
    Excellent and timely notary service. There are lots of parking space at the Kanata branch. Thank you.
    Lyd Ingle
    Lyd I.
    08:10 15 Aug 19
    very easy to find and extremely fast service and asked questions and answers that we could understand what we needed .great overall
    Carl Poitras
    Carl P.
    22:51 07 Aug 19
    Excellent prices, fast and professional, would highly recommend!!!
    John Andreas
    John A.
    14:27 31 Jul 19
    Excellent service. Punctual, friendly, affordable. Highly recommend!
    Valérie B.
    Valérie B.
    02:17 31 Jul 19
    Pricey, and in someone's dining room. You need to bring your own witness(es) too, make sure you have them with you. They charge $10 for each signature they see the witness make, on top of the document fees. Copies of the same document count as a separate document so $30+$20+$20+$10+$10+$10=$100 in less than 10 minutes.
    Sonia Helene
    Sonia H.
    18:04 28 Jul 19
    Highly recommend. Competitive prices, on time appointments and friendly service. I couldn't ask for more.
    Mike Saunders
    Mike S.
    22:39 24 Jul 19
    Excellent service. Very pleased with our experience.
    Laura Jull
    Laura J.
    03:16 23 Jul 19
    Used the service twice so far: Super easy, quick, and very reasonably priced. Would use again.
    Caycee Price
    Caycee P.
    00:10 22 Jul 19
    Thorough, convenient, fast, good price.
    Darwin Gould
    Darwin G.
    17:14 08 Jul 19
    Its all good. Pleasant experience.
    Robert E. Green
    Robert E. G.
    02:22 03 Jul 19
    Fast convenient and professional. Can't beat the service.
    Dan Charlebois
    Dan C.
    22:30 27 Jun 19
    Very fast and well priced service!
    Rick Morris
    Rick M.
    19:52 25 Jun 19
    Rob was very knowledgeable and efficient. I recommend his services and will likely use his services again.
    Laura McConnell
    Laura M.
    00:19 09 Jun 19
    Excellent service fast efficient highly recommended
    Ahmed Sharabas
    Ahmed S.
    02:39 07 Jun 19
    It was very easy and convinient. Took a few seconds to book an appointment and a few minutes to get done with the notary services.. best in Ottawa.
    Ansuman Kar
    Ansuman K.
    20:23 31 May 19
    Efficient courteous service. Strongly recommend this notary service.
    Sangeetha N Kalimuthu
    Sangeetha N K.
    16:07 29 May 19
    Great experience! Super quick and very flexible
    Julie Samotowka-Thompson
    Julie S.
    20:52 24 May 19
    Great service and flexible hours. Highly recommended!
    Sarah Wu
    Sarah W.
    14:23 22 May 19
    They provide quick services and well organized as well easy online scheduling.
    Jasmeet Singh
    Jasmeet S.
    11:24 21 May 19
    got what I needed signed quickly. Also kept in contact and great location!
    Gillian Coleman
    Gillian C.
    01:31 16 May 19
    I required notary service and got what I needed quickly and up to the standard. Great time/place accomodation - many options to choose from for client's convenience.
    Elena Stetskevych
    Elena S.
    20:00 15 May 19
    Service was excellent! Same day appointments were available and multiple time slots gave us an opportunity to fit it into our schedule. There was a reminder text sent before the appointment with the address information. The set-up was very efficient! We didn't even have to take off our shoes. The whole thing took under three minutes. Thank you for making the process so easy and convenient!!
    23:35 12 May 19
    professional, curteous, a good experience in all aspects
    Chantal Legault
    Chantal L.
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    Yosheel is very professional and corteous. Will definitely go back and refer his services to all my friends.
    Daniel Castelo
    Daniel C.
    00:46 30 Apr 19
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    Vipul Parmar
    Vipul P.
    00:12 29 Apr 19
    Wow. Extremely efficient!! I was in a rush to get a statutory declaration on a weekday evening and Rob was very helpful to help me find the closest notary by phone and text -Yosheel who was very kind and thorough. They have many availabilities (evening and weekends!), various locations and offer fantastic customer service! Thank you!
    Bp Sabine
    Bp S.
    02:11 19 Apr 19
    Super quick and easy! Highly recommended!
    Jelena Tešanović
    Jelena T.
    01:41 18 Apr 19
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    Debbie Delorey
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    Judith Braginetz
    Judith B.
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    Prompt, efficient, no-fuss service. Highly recommended. Trinh Luu
    Bellamy Rental
    Bellamy R.
    21:06 09 Apr 19
    The service was excellent, fast, great location and what is important also is the availability over the weekend. The notaire was very sociable and welcoming. I recommend 100%.
    Nassib Gharib
    Nassib G.
    22:08 08 Apr 19
    They were very professional and quickly sorted my paperwork.
    Lorna Daly
    Lorna D.
    01:19 31 Mar 19
    Simple, effective, and flexible when it came to getting the documents notarized. Thanks!
    Steve Little
    Steve L.
    15:12 08 Mar 19
    It was so convenient for me because it's near my place of work and the gentleman was friendly and very quick. I was in and out in 5 mins Maximum. Thanks again Josh.
    Wycliff Mwesigwa
    Wycliff M.
    22:29 07 Mar 19
    What a terrific service. So easy to book an appointment without delays. I arrived exactly on time and there was no waiting. I was in and out in under 10 minutes and fees are so reasonable. Definitely recommended.
    Grace Madden
    Grace M.
    21:37 06 Mar 19
    Had to get several documents certified in a timely manner to send overseas. Notorary Pro was very reassuring & accommodating - even available on the Ontario Family Day. Excellent Service would definitely recommend them .
    Bill Workman
    Bill W.
    19:54 27 Feb 19
    Excellent service!I loved online booking
    Tatjana Elek
    Tatjana E.
    02:54 26 Feb 19
    Very good services, and friendly customer services, I will extremely recommend
    Abdi Jama
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    09:36 24 Feb 19
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    Cynthia Milne Taylor
    Cynthia Milne T.
    00:03 21 Feb 19
    Excellent and fast services
    Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous A.
    07:01 19 Feb 19
    Good communication by text and email, quick, efficient service, lovely people.
    Tehya Blake
    Tehya B.
    16:33 17 Feb 19
    Fast and friendly service, great price. Love the online booking.
    Gary Boegel
    Gary B.
    15:54 17 Feb 19
    On-line appointment service was quick and easy. Rob and Natasha were friendly and welcoming. Service and quick and efficient. And, appointments are available on weekends. Very pleased and will be using them again when the need arises. Thank-you Ron and Natasha.
    Liz Whalen
    Liz W.
    13:33 17 Feb 19
    Easy, quick and efficient service. Good communication by text and email. Plus their house smelled like brownies.
    T Blake
    T B.
    00:59 17 Feb 19
    Fast and friendly service at a great price. What else could you ask for?
    Gary Boegel
    Gary B.
    03:34 12 Feb 19
    Very convenient and professional
    daanvir duggal
    daanvir D.
    07:44 10 Feb 19
    Excellent and professional service, friendly and fast service. Great price! the online booking was great. I would definitely recommend Rob for notary services.
    Myriam Peach
    Myriam P.
    12:49 06 Feb 19
    Very simple, straightforward and professional. Super efficient too! Thanks!!
    Cheryl Anderson
    Cheryl A.
    01:23 05 Feb 19
    Everything about this process was easy, fast and efficient. It made a stressful situation much easier. I would highly recommend the service to anyone requiring a notary.
    21:55 30 Jan 19
    Notary Pro I Nepean was quick and easy and very accessible.
    Denise Haney
    Denise H.
    20:18 27 Jan 19
    Top quality service! Highly efficient professionals wagon provide timely business solutions!!
    Gerrit Antrobus
    Gerrit A.
    12:47 22 Jan 19
    Very efficient service. Highly recommend Barrhaven location.
    Samantha Poole
    Samantha P.
    12:15 22 Jan 19
    Excellent teamwork from efficient Robert and competent, focused Jessica, closer to my out-of-town location. Was a pressure-cooker situation on a locked-down SATURDAY with out-of-province e-filing for Supreme Court case 3-days away with multiple affidavits of evidence, 1 + 9. Jessica instilled calm and confidence by her professionalism, exactitude, and knowledge. Sang their praises to cab driver and said I'd be recommending this company to all my friends. KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Used a RIVAL SERVICE in past and Estate division rejected a simple application for probate twice for certification error. Funny not funny! 😃😭 Come here and avoid time-wasting re-dos of certification. Thank you both. You go the extra mile for customers.
    Pearl Koklol
    Pearl K.
    09:25 20 Jan 19
    Easy to make appointments to suit your needs. Service is fast, friendly and efficient. Great pricing is the icing on the cake! I will definitely use this service again.
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    19:41 19 Jan 19
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    Very easy to book the online appointment. Fast easy service. Highly recommend.
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    Great Service. Very pleased with flexibility. The web booking and reminder features work great!Thanks from Norm
    Holly Reed
    Holly R.
    00:35 08 Jan 19
    Very prompt and efficient and helpful
    Elaine Boardman
    Elaine B.
    18:36 29 Dec 18
    Been there twice now and the service is excellent 🙂
    George Yee
    George Y.
    02:58 19 Dec 18
    We needed notarized documents and did not want the hassle of missing work to do so. I discovered Rob and Notary Pro with Google and were so pleased with how it turned out that he now as our future business. Booking an appointment is so easy. Go the the web site, choose and convenient time and day (only open times are shown) outside work hours and that is it. The appointment was instantly confirmed via email and text as well a reminder was sent just prior to the scheduled time. Rob works from home and has it set up so you do not have to even remove your winter boots. So well thought out and client friendly. We were in and out in a few minutes. His pricing is more than fair. Top shelf all the way. Well done Rob, definitely 10 out of 10 experience!
    B Ellis
    B E.
    15:48 14 Dec 18
    Great service,easy to book an appointment at a specific time after work hours and a text reminder of appointment are great features of this service.
    Marc Farrell
    Marc F.
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    Good quick service, good prices.
    Rob Murray
    Rob M.
    12:54 12 Dec 18
    Was able to get an appointment quickly. Service was friendly and efficient, and at a reasonable price.
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    Great and very quick service, good prices, and great use of technology. Online booking is awesome.
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    20:49 07 Dec 18
    Notary Pro (Rob and Natasha) is a well established and convenient business not to mention that it is also quite essential. It is very accessible and convenient for those of us who don't have the means or time to take time off work, attend a court or travel downtown. I have used their services on one other occasion, quite recently, and highly recommend them to anyone in need of a notary services. Thank you so very much for making a rather stressful situation so easy.
    Arlene Harrold
    Arlene H.
    15:50 02 Dec 18
    I would recommend the service, it is fast, efficient and courteous.
    Helene Roussy
    Helene R.
    23:06 28 Nov 18
    Easy to book online, friendly reception by Robert, accommodated us even when we're 20 minutes early; very efficient service for our notarization requirements.
    Ronald C. Huan
    Ronald C. H.
    15:35 27 Nov 18
    Great service from Rob and then Jessica (who did the certification of my documents and provided me with all the information I needed). I would have no hesitation in using again or recommending to family/friends.
    Robert Niel
    Robert N.
    17:49 25 Nov 18
    Easy to book appointment online. Fast and efficient, would recommend to anyone
    Helen Pham
    Helen P.
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    Very fast service, easy online booking, professional and friendly lawyer. Will use his services again.
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    Erika F.
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    Very fast service, easy online booking, professional and friendly lawyer. Will use his services again.
    Erika Farkas
    Erika F.
    13:53 22 Nov 18
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    noémie D.
    20:53 19 Nov 18
    Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. High regard for detail, prompt and organized. I really appreciated the appointment reminder by email and text. I would recommend Pro Notary Canada to anyone. Wonderful experience!
    Lyne Beaudoin
    Lyne B.
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    Excellent and friendly service for a good price.
    Sharmila Sivapatham
    Sharmila S.
    02:55 15 Nov 18
    A five star rating is most appropriate. Very efficient, easy to book an appointment, inexpensive and the location so convenient. Will definitely be booking an appointment to notarize a Living Will for my spouse and me.
    Robert Racine
    Robert R.
    22:17 14 Nov 18
    It is the best service I get, Mr. Rob had done my work at my flexible time.
    Dishant Gabharubhai Kakadiya
    Dishant Gabharubhai K.
    17:15 14 Nov 18
    Quick easy service. Great price and very professional. Thank you!
    Josh James
    Josh J.
    17:04 14 Nov 18
    Professional, fast and knowledgable. Was an absolutely positive experience and he was polite and professional. I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing a notary.
    dustin leslie
    dustin L.
    18:46 05 Nov 18
    I was serviced on a last minute/same day request. The process was very easy, quick and professional, and I highly recommend. Thanks Rob!-Barbara Samura
    Afuwa Renner
    Afuwa R.
    11:48 03 Nov 18
    Very impressed with this service that came highly recommend from a legal professional in my sphere. It was extremely easy to book online and my appointment lasted all of three minutes, a quick in and out. Rob was friendly and kind. Would use again without a doubt. I very much appreciated the fact that they were open after regular business hours and weekends ... otherwise I would have had to take a day off work to go down to the court house #lifesaver
    Amanda Scanlon
    Amanda S.
    22:58 01 Nov 18
    Quick, professional and helpful staff
    Rafid Akhter
    Rafid A.
    14:03 25 Oct 18
    Fast, efficiently and friendly service. Would definitely recommend Rob and Natasha for Notary services. Thank you Notary Pro Canada for a great experience!
    Maggie LeRoy
    Maggie L.
    01:26 17 Oct 18
    Finding Notary Pro Canada saved me time and money on a stressful day. Needing a document notarized is usually a headache, but the ease and efficiency of this company was amazing. The total time from booking my appt. to having my document notarized was 65 minutes. I will recommend this company to all of my friends and business acquaintances without hesitation.
    Wendy Holmes
    Wendy H.
    14:16 16 Oct 18
    I needed a document notarized- my appointment was made within 5 minutes- book it easily online. No phoning, no answering machines!! Then the process took 5 minutes- a professional, kind, patient lawyer witnessed & signed my document. Thank you Notary Pro!!!
    Cindy Cherry
    Cindy C.
    00:13 06 Oct 18
    I recently went to have some legal documents signed. I was surprised to find a place on a Saturday and even happier with how easy the online process was. They are great, friendly and fast. Will use them again for sure.
    Janet Rivers
    Janet R.
    15:08 20 Sep 18
    great notary public service with easy access and quick response. Best part is they have times available in evenings so you can easily get notarization done after work.
    Abhay Sharma
    Abhay S.
    19:15 19 Sep 18
    I needed last minute notorization of a document, got an appointment quickly! Rob was very friendly and professional! Was quick and easy! Will definitely use this service again! I recommend to everyone!
    Christa Scott
    Christa S.
    21:53 15 Sep 18
    Excellent and quick service. Both Robert and Natasha were also very accommodating and patient with us when we had to return the next day for additional information as requested by our lawyer.Highly recommend.
    Rosemin Karim
    Rosemin K.
    19:45 14 Sep 18
    Very convenient booking system, and reasonable fees.
    behnam banan
    behnam B.
    17:14 07 Sep 18
    Very quick and friendly! Will definitely be back!
    Mirrna Yacoub
    Mirrna Y.
    21:05 03 Sep 18
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    Morenike Abiodun
    Morenike A.
    07:41 03 Sep 18
    Great service...quick and convenient self-service system to book/reschedule your own appointments
    Bilane Mohamed
    Bilane M.
    19:52 31 Aug 18
    Great, quick, professional service. Highly recommend Jessica!
    Anastasia Bosc
    Anastasia B.
    20:46 30 Aug 18
    After having searched a long time for Notaries in Barrhaven and Nepean, I finally found Notary Pro Canada which referred me to this family business. It was so easy to have my Invitation letter notarized and I considered that like blessings coming from God. Thank you for your service Robert and family.
    Dickins SENELUS
    Dickins S.
    17:16 27 Aug 18
    Great fast and friendly service. Easy booking on line. Great price! I will definitely be back!
    BJ Boston
    BJ B.
    02:27 25 Aug 18
    Very quick to respond to my questions. Variety of times to make an appointment. Quick friendly service. Rob was very pleasant and welcoming.
    BJ Boston
    BJ B.
    13:14 24 Aug 18
    A professional, courteous, punctual and reasonably priced service. I intend to use it for every notarization need and feel fortunate to have discovered this notary public.
    Jana Vasilj-Begovic
    Jana V.
    11:40 24 Aug 18
    Fast friendly service. In and out in two minutes, will use again for sure.
    K Wolski
    K W.
    19:13 17 Aug 18
    Notary Pro - efficient, convenient and professional. Highly recommended. Thanks!
    Rob Henderson
    Rob H.
    12:53 16 Aug 18
    Fantastic service at an affordable price!
    Eli Belousov
    Eli B.
    00:22 15 Aug 18
    Great, professional and fast service. The booking site is very helpful
    Basel Aboulaban
    Basel A.
    22:09 12 Aug 18
    Excellent prompt and reliable service. Was astounded at the cost and was local to my area. Such a pleasant experience and will totally be using them and recommending them to others.
    Carey Enns-Lamoureux
    Carey E.
    14:45 09 Aug 18
    service was fast and simple, I truly liked that they're open until late, got my appointment the same day!
    Alejandra Saavedra
    Alejandra S.
    13:10 09 Aug 18
    Excellent, efficient and friendly service at a great price. This is the second time we used Notary Pro for a consent letter and we can only recommend Rob and Natasha for any Notary service.Thank you Notary Pro Canada for making this an easy and smooth experience!
    Melissa Brunet
    Melissa B.
    12:30 05 Aug 18
    Excellent, easy, fast!!!
    Ira Buga
    Ira B.
    14:30 03 Aug 18
    Very efficient, pleasant, professional gentleman, affordable services , great location, free parking available. I would definitely return at the same place if needed.
    15:36 02 Aug 18
    Excellent service for 1/2 the cost of another notary service I contacted. Easy to schedule an appointment. Fast service and very pleasant people.
    Yvonne Pandke
    Yvonne P.
    09:43 02 Aug 18
    Fast, friendly. Easy in and out. Thank You.
    Bob Laframboise
    Bob L.
    21:34 01 Aug 18
    Easy to book, fast service and fair price.
    Karina M.
    Karina M.
    13:08 01 Aug 18
    The online booking tool is fast and easy to use. Rob is courteous and a pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended.
    nour talani
    nour T.
    12:47 01 Aug 18
    The online booking tool is fast and easy to use. Rob is courteous and a pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended.
    David 16
    David 1.
    02:55 29 Jul 18
    I was happy to receive such professional, time efficient and customer oriented services from Robert and Natasha! I’ve got my affidavit done in one hour. Easy to book an appointment, flexible in time, quick to respond and cost effective. Highly recommended. I will come back again for sure once needed.
    Svetlana  Palko
    Svetlana P.
    02:24 27 Jul 18
    Professional and organized. Quick and painless. Highly recommended!
    Greg Palmer
    Greg P.
    00:32 25 Jul 18
    Rob and Natasha have established an accessible, professional and convenient way to have documents notarized. I have used their services on two occasions recently and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of a notary. Their online booking service is a fantastic convenience - just choose the time that suits you best from the 5-minute increments available on the day you want. You receive an email (or text if you prefer) confirmation and then you arrive for your scheduled time. They made something stressful simple and easy!! We may also use their affordable will services down the road.
    Kelli W
    Kelli W
    12:40 22 Jul 18
    Fair price and excellent service! Fast, efficient and appointment booking tool makes it easier to find a time slot that fits.
    Rai Family
    Rai F.
    12:20 22 Jul 18
    Wonderful experience! Everything - from scheduling to the actual notarization - was done in a timely fashion. Efficiency is the key word for their services.
    Silviu Nicolae
    Silviu N.
    22:24 16 Jul 18
    Excellent service, scheduled it online with extreme ease according to my schedule. Highly recommended for quick and friendly service.
    Naukhaiz Mirza
    Naukhaiz M.
    19:27 14 Jul 18
    Great Service. Fast ad efficient. Appointment booking tool makes it simple to find a time in your schedule that fits.
    Iain McDonald
    Iain M.
    16:54 11 Jul 18
    We were very happy with your services. We are coming back again. It is great that you are in Nepean!
    Hellen Gwayumba
    Hellen G.
    12:57 10 Jul 18
    Excellent service. Friendly and very flexible. Highly recommended.
    tania bembamba
    tania B.
    10:19 05 Jul 18
    Friendly, efficient and accommodating.
    Jessica Walsh
    Jessica W.
    04:53 05 Jul 18
    Quick and easy scheduling, in and out in 3 minutes. No fuss and excellent service.
    Mohamed Mo
    Mohamed M.
    16:48 04 Jul 18
    Very comfortable and easy way of booking an appointment, fast and efficient service!
    Mariya Berdycheva
    Mariya B.
    13:01 04 Jul 18
    It was so easy to book an appointment online. And it was a fast and seamless transaction. What a relief. Thankyou!!!
    Erica Giles
    Erica G.
    01:45 04 Jul 18
    Very friendly and straightforward. Booking online is very easy and the service is reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this service.
    Angela Bourne
    Angela B.
    01:01 03 Jul 18
    Excellent service. Very easy to book online, good pricing, fast and friendly. Highly recommended.
    Steve & Arlene Key
    Steve & Arlene K.
    14:26 02 Jul 18
    This was an easy to book and use service and I 100% recommend to anyone needing a notary in a hurry!
    Apoorva Balakrishnan
    Apoorva B.
    15:48 29 Jun 18
    Great experience and fast service.. Rob was kind and accommodated change in my schedule and rescheduled me on spot..Thanks Rob
    Mutasem Marei
    Mutasem M.
    12:50 29 Jun 18
    Fast and friendly.
    Paul D
    Paul D
    11:54 29 Jun 18
    Fair price and excellent service! Fast, efficient, and friendly. Even pointed out a few typos in our documents.
    Rex McConnell
    Rex M.
    00:54 27 Jun 18
    Nahar AL-Hafidh
    Nahar A.
    14:15 26 Jun 18
    Excellent service price is right and they are fast
    Kathy Lavigne
    Kathy L.
    20:28 25 Jun 18
    Quick, friendly, efficient, reasonably priced service.
    JULIE L.
    12:54 25 Jun 18
    My name is Nguyen who just has notary service yesterday. Wow, What's a excellent service. Save a lot money and time. Just come and get done in second.Everyone should take this service for any notary matter.Many thank.
    Johny Lee
    Johny L.
    12:59 22 Jun 18
    Just got my form notarized here. Definitely would use their service again and recommend it to family and friends.
    Quang Dinh
    Quang D.
    23:07 21 Jun 18
    Natasha and Rob are absolutely lovely. Scheduling and the notarization was a smooth and seamless process. I even had to reschedule twice due to unexpected circumstances and they were totally understanding. Don't hesitate to go to them!
    Brandon Tran
    Brandon T.
    14:08 21 Jun 18
    Used Notary Pro to notarize a document. Fast and friendly. Easy to use online booking with flexible hours.I would use this service again.
    B D
    B D
    11:17 20 Jun 18
    Great service, answered all our questions, well prepared for quick efficient service in an accessible location. Thank you.
    David S
    David S
    00:19 20 Jun 18
    Just used Notary Pro couple hours ago, Very nice service, quick and professional, also very good price. Definitely recommended.
    Lian Fu
    Lian F.
    21:11 19 Jun 18
    Very fast, easy, and reliable!! Will continue to use Notary Pro Canada!
    Cara Dorma
    Cara D.
    13:24 19 Jun 18
    Very friendly and helpful. Will be using his services from now on! Thanks!
    Kristoff Vernard
    Kristoff V.
    12:50 19 Jun 18
    Great service. Quick, easy to find, very easy to schedule.
    Michael Laurin
    Michael L.
    13:49 18 Jun 18
    Easy, convenient and reasonable. What more can you ask! Oh yes, also very pleasant 🙂
    Marcia Falconer
    Marcia F.
    12:37 15 Jun 18
    Great availability, fast, efficient and friendly.
    Dwight Bergmann
    Dwight B.
    11:28 14 Jun 18
    Very fast, professional.
    Sally Thomson
    Sally T.
    17:43 10 Jun 18
    Nice service and I like that it's after hour so I don't have to take time off from work.
    Hanh Nguyen
    Hanh N.
    11:08 09 Jun 18
    Notary Pro is a fantastic, friendly and professional service! I had a great experience and would use them again.
    Allen Seto
    Allen S.
    14:28 08 Jun 18
    I have used Notary Pro a couple times now. It is the best! Reasonable prices, convenient hours. Highest recommendation.
    Shane Bartlett
    Shane B.
    00:50 06 Jun 18
    Professional services
    Nancy Hanna
    Nancy H.
    04:33 01 Jun 18
    This place is like the Lebron James of Notary.
    Henry Duncan
    Henry D.
    12:33 30 May 18
    Scheduling an appointment was very easy using the online scheduler. Service was prompt and efficient. I would definitely recommend Notary Pro.
    Chris Carter
    Chris C.
    01:42 24 May 18
    Surprisingly straightforward and well organised.
    Andrew Mickan
    Andrew M.
    19:15 12 May 18
    Simple, easy, fast. And the gentleman was very nice.
    Andrea Fox
    Andrea F.
    14:29 12 May 18
    Great experience. The service is friendly, efficient and the location is easily accessible. Lovely family.
    Robert Zacour
    Robert Z.
    11:43 04 May 18
    Excellent service. It was very quick and easy, just 2 minutes in and out. I will use his services again.
    Arpornrad Sae-wu
    Arpornrad S.
    03:45 03 May 18
    This was a great experience for us. Affordable prices and excellent customer service. We will continue to use Notary Pro Canada for all our Notary needs.Michelle
    michelle franks
    michelle F.
    00:17 03 May 18
    Very convenient booking, location, times available, free parking, low price and rapid service with a smile! Highly recommend.
    Syed Bokhari
    Syed B.
    13:24 02 May 18
    It was quick and easy. Appointment process was convenient and easy. Recommend it.
    Jugraj Gill
    Jugraj G.
    15:37 01 May 18
    Highly recommended place..Affordable price and great service..I just moved to ottawa this month and was looking for someone to notarize my document..I searched in the internet and found many in the list but seeing the review it sounds convincing..I just book my appointment online and surpisingly my work is done in less than 2 mins...Thanks to Mr.Robert..hope to work with you in near future again..
    Shabbir Bharmal
    Shabbir B.
    19:47 29 Apr 18
    Professional, affordable, friendly and fast! Highly recommend this service.
    Trish Lucy
    Trish L.
    23:24 24 Apr 18
    Professional, affordable, friendly and fast! Highly recommend this service.
    Trish Lucy
    Trish L.
    23:21 24 Apr 18
    Excellent experience, highly recommended and definitely will use their service again.
    Yasser Rashwan
    Yasser R.
    00:20 23 Apr 18
    I introduced Notary Pro Canada to my client, Yunjung Kim for Notary service. She satisfied with the service and good price than other same businesses.
    Jane Ahn
    Jane A.
    18:02 22 Apr 18
    Quick and friendly. As easy as booking, show up, id check, sign and seal.
    Gui Rgarza
    Gui R.
    08:01 18 Apr 18
    This was my second time using this service. Robert was punctual, and the service was fast, friendly, and of good value. I highly recommend Robert!!!
    running man 3
    running man 3
    01:12 08 Mar 18
    I highly recommend the service of "Notary Public Ottawa". It was quick and uncomplicated - thank you!
    Kri Pe
    Kri P.
    18:03 05 Mar 18
    So happy to find these wonderful, kind and generous people in our community who provide this helpful service! Easy to book appointments on line, quick to answer questions. We had to re-submit our documents and Notary Public Ottawa helped us out at no extra charge! So grateful to find them!
    Zhanna Seminska
    Zhanna S.
    03:35 02 Mar 18
    Extremely helpful and friendly. Notarizing is fast and easy. Great service! Would recommend to anyone! 👍
    Jim Hill
    Jim H.
    20:50 25 Feb 18
    In and out in five minutes, friendly and more reasonably priced than the average rate in the city. What more can you ask for?
    Sheldon Scrivner
    Sheldon S.
    04:07 23 Feb 18
    Our CT company needed a Certificate of FreeSale quickly for our product made in Canada. I went down many dead ends until finding NP Ottawa, experts in the process who got it done brilliantly!
    Susie Westphal
    Susie W.
    20:26 10 Jan 18
    Mico Philip
    Mico P.
    20:41 09 Nov 17
    Ruslan Suleyman
    Ruslan S.
    14:32 17 Oct 17
    The service was excellent and it's already a given comment from every single client came I guess.But let me share my experience in a different perspective. Natasha and Rob's family is an for me an ideal family. They resonate positive aura the moment I stepped in to their playful, colorful abode. It's full of positive energy especially when I heard the music they played. And they're not just dealing with us as their clients but also a friend even on a first-time personal visit.Thank you and thanks for the music. 😉
    Gegs Aetamerba
    Gegs A.
    03:06 20 Jul 17
    Excellent service in timely manner
    Doha Mohammed Yosry
    Doha Mohammed Y.
    23:24 02 May 17
    It was very quick. Just took a minute to get my document attested. Robert's a nice guy!
    Abhishek Thula
    Abhishek T.
    00:10 20 Apr 17
    We used the service a couple of times and were happy with the friendly and efficient service. Highly recommended.
    Esther Kwan
    Esther K.
    20:15 17 Apr 17
    I was able to book an appointment online on short notice. Rob offered for me to drop by early if it was convenient. He was welcoming and prepared my document efficiently. I will not hesitate to use his services again.
    Michael Lieff
    Michael L.
    01:11 11 Apr 17
    Great professional service at an excellent price.
    Shekinah Rodriguez
    Shekinah R.
    19:11 08 Apr 17
    Rob was efficient and pleasant. This was so convenient and I will definitely go back.Kelly Livingston
    Kelly Livingston
    Kelly L.
    12:00 08 Apr 17
    Very nice people. Efficient booking and fair price.
    Iris Dingelhoff
    Iris D.
    23:49 07 Apr 17
    I know where i'm telling people to go. Quick and easy -- loved it.
    Hassan El-saadi
    Hassan E.
    19:01 07 Apr 17
    The service is quick, efficient, and inexpensive.
    Stephen Azzi
    Stephen A.
    00:37 07 Apr 17
    Very nice people; love the fact you can book an appointment evenings and weekends. Fast service and so reasonably priced. I was paying more than twice that somewhere else. Wish I had known about this place before. I will definitely be giving them all my future business.
    Tara Comerford
    Tara C.
    22:24 06 Apr 17
    First class people and very efficient. Plus it's super affordable. We'll definitely be back!
    Jenn Babcock
    Jenn B.
    22:04 06 Apr 17
    Dave Carey
    Dave C.
    21:29 06 Apr 17
    Great service. Very fast booking system and location close to everything.
    Rami Howayek
    Rami H.
    16:42 06 Apr 17
    Rob was great, quick and efficient service. Booking was simple and easy.
    Khiem Truong
    Khiem T.
    15:23 06 Apr 17
    Painless scheduling and efficient, friendly service.
    Andreas Beauchamp
    Andreas B.
    20:18 25 Mar 17
    Great service - made a hard situation easier. Needed a notary to go onsite to the hospital for a sworn affadavit to transfer car ownership of ailing grandparent. Robert was easy to reach, responsive, courteous, understanding and very reasonable in terms of fees. Also accommodating when we had to change location last minute when moved from hospital to hospice. Definitely recommend.
    Kelly MacCallum
    Kelly M.
    20:22 24 Mar 17
    Rob was very accommodating in seeing me earlier than my appointed time and I really appreciate this. Everything was accomplished professionally. Thank you and I would not hesitate recommending his services.
    R Sud
    R S.
    08:00 23 Mar 17
    Great service, quick, and flex evening hours, specially for people who works during the day.
    Noura Daadaa
    Noura D.
    11:24 22 Mar 17
    This was a great experience! The service was fast and easy to access, and Rob was very warm and friendly.
    Nasim Mahin
    Nasim M.
    16:41 12 Mar 17
    Friedly no fuss service. Very well organized with easy scheduling on internet. Service was rendered on time as scheduled.
    Jean Richard
    Jean R.
    16:36 12 Mar 17
    Dave Miyata
    Dave M.
    18:03 11 Mar 17
    Quick and reasonable price.
    Tara Comerford
    Tara C.
    18:14 06 Mar 17
    Quick and easy notary at a fair price
    Robert McKay
    Robert M.
    13:49 22 Feb 17
    Emre Fidan
    Emre F.
    12:32 05 Jan 17
    I was able to book an appointment online on short notice. Rob offered for me to drop by early if it was convenient. He was welcoming and prepared my document efficiently. I will not hesitate to use his services again.
    Michael Lieff
    Michael L.
    05:58 05 Jan 17
    Quick efficient and priced right
    Gerry Ethier
    Gerry E.
    18:38 20 Dec 16
    Very professional, fast service and friendly people. I am a very happy customer and highly recommend Notary Public Ottawa.
    michele di menna
    michele di M.
    20:39 11 Dec 16
    Quick and painless. Rob was excellent and would recommend to anyone needing notary services.
    John Ung
    John U.
    00:30 01 Dec 16
    Rob was very considerate and accomadated my needs. In addition, the price is very fair and the service is quick.
    Olayiwola Ogungbemile
    Olayiwola O.
    22:40 31 Oct 16
    Michael Brancati
    Michael B.
    13:21 20 Oct 16
    Quick and efficient!
    Tasneem Mohd
    Tasneem M.
    03:56 07 Oct 16
    Rob was very professional and personable. Service was excellent. Making himself available at night and on weekends is very helpful!
    Michael Murray
    Michael M.
    18:09 28 Sep 16
    Much appreciated service and such a good fee . Thanks
    Linda Purdy
    Linda P.
    20:08 05 Sep 16
    Quick and easy and very helpful!
    Radeology DMA
    Radeology D.
    16:25 05 Sep 16
    Very good experience, fast and good price.
    Doha Yosry
    Doha Y.
    15:42 05 Sep 16
    Fantastic service, very accommodating, so convenient, great people - highly recommend
    Debbie Gillis
    Debbie G.
    00:29 31 Aug 16
    Rob was very efficient, professional and also had a great personality. Would recommend without hesitation.
    Robert Tobin
    Robert T.
    20:18 30 Aug 16
    Highly recommend. Service was professional, efficient and friendly.
    Kari Parkhouse
    Kari P.
    13:27 30 Aug 16
    Very fast service and fair price.
    Audrey Adametz
    Audrey A.
    20:22 29 Aug 16
    The experience was great and went very smoothly. Rob was really nice and charged very reasonably. I would use this service again and would recommend it.
    Nathalia Sedgwick
    Nathalia S.
    17:30 25 Aug 16
    When I contacted Rob, he was very quick to respond back and arrange an appointment. It was a great experience and his service was professional and the price is right!
    Anna Kurdziel
    Anna K.
    12:55 25 Aug 16
    Very professional and fast service. Would recommend to anyone.
    saksham mengi
    saksham M.
    15:32 22 Aug 16
    Professional and fast service. Was able to see them the same day. Easy to communicate with and provided an above and beyond document by anticipating the needs ahead of time.
    Krista Dicks
    Krista D.
    15:11 22 Aug 16
    Kristine Strader
    Kristine S.
    15:11 22 Aug 16
    My first notary experience was easy, quick and very reasonably priced. I would definitely spread the word and not hesitate to use him again.
    Louise Godard
    Louise G.
    14:55 22 Aug 16
    Thanks very much Rob for your fast and excellent service. It only took a couple of minutes to notarize my document and the price is right. I will certainly use your services again!
    Linda Horricks
    Linda H.
    14:25 14 Aug 16
    Very easy and efficient
    Leah Dierker Viik
    Leah Dierker V.
    18:04 12 Aug 16
    Juliana ng
    Juliana N.
    14:56 12 Aug 16
    Excellent service. Rob is extremely pleasant and extended his services beyond business hours. His availability on a holiday meant that I can complete my notarizations early in time for next morning's business as usual day. Thanks for a great service.
    Gilbert Halaby
    Gilbert H.
    16:00 02 Aug 16
    A quick pleasant experience. Very efficient.
    Susan Abbott
    Susan A.
    17:33 01 Aug 16
    Very quick and easy process - professionalism at its best!
    Liang Zhuge
    Liang Z.
    03:16 01 Aug 16
    Very Convenient, Fast and in Perfect quality.
    Arash Laali
    Arash L.
    16:56 08 Jul 16
    Rob was the biggest help! We were in a terrible position and he helped us through it. His services were greatly appreciated and if we are ever in need of them again we now know where to go.
    Andrew Moss
    Andrew M.
    02:42 23 Jun 16
    Great speedy service, highly recommended
    Kamel Lebtahi
    Kamel L.
    13:51 18 Jun 16
    Great service and fair price !! Got my documents notarized on a Sunday. The website is very well laid out and instructions are clear. Highly recommend Notary Public Ottawa !!
    Akash Kaul
    Akash K.
    19:53 14 Jun 16
    Good friendly service and prompt with responses.
    Saud Ahmad
    Saud A.
    01:57 12 Jun 16
    Rob was exceptionally helpful, extremely polite and efficient, and was very easy to get to. He had everything ready for us and made us feel like we were visiting a friend. I highly recommend this very fine young man, and I appreciate the ability to see someone without having to run downtown, and having the ease to see him in the evenings or weekend. Thank you very much Rob.Sincerely Trevor
    Trevor St. John
    Trevor St. J.
    20:17 07 Jun 16
    I was very happy with the service. I was able to get same day service at a time that suited my schedule and the price is very reasonable. Rob was very helpful and i appreciated being offered any follow-up guidance if needed. I would definitely recommend.
    April Giggey
    April G.
    18:59 07 Jun 16
    Quick, convenient, friendly and available weekends!
    JP Guay
    JP G.
    22:30 06 Jun 16
    It was absolutely great experience and amazing service! Thank you Rob! I was trying to find a notary service that works after 5 for an urgent matter and after calling probably a dozen of offices I almost gave up. Everyone who I called closes at 5 and if they are open until 6 they do not take clients after 5:30. Rob answered and was able to meet me the same evening. He is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone. Great price too!
    Olga Krylova
    Olga K.
    17:08 06 Jun 16
    Great service. Amazing price. Fast and hassle free. Thanks Rob
    jordan schmidt
    jordan S.
    23:31 04 Jun 16
    Got my documents notarized very quickly. Robert is very friendly and would kindly do you a favour in a way if he can. Like this place.!
    Harvinder kalsi
    Harvinder K.
    03:16 03 Jun 16
    Notary Public Ottawa, was able to arrange a convenient time and location for our meeting. All was in order when we arrived at City Hall for the Marriage License.A big thank you from the Bride and Groom.Would recommend you to our friends.
    Janepher McBride
    Janepher M.
    21:53 02 Jun 16
    I was very pleased with the service I received from Robert Onley. His instructions were clear, his approach friendly and patient, and his service was quick and definitely affordable. I recommend him highly!
    Gabrielle Lacroix
    Gabrielle L.
    13:15 30 May 16
    This was my first time and the service was excellent. The Lawyer, Rob was warm, polite and professional. I would recommend him to anyone who requires professional and reasonably priced service.
    ROSE F.
    18:51 27 May 16
    Robert is an exceptionable professional. His replies are quick, his advice and service, thorough. A top pick if you require a notary in the Ottawa region.
    Derek Sawyer
    Derek S.
    02:39 26 May 16
    I used this service at the last minute and when I contacted Rob, he returned my message immediately.He made every effort to get us in quickly and at a location that was convenient for us.Rob was professional and his prices were excellent.I would definitely recommend using this service and would not hesitate to be a repeat customer.Thanks again, Rob
    Elizabeth O'Neil
    Elizabeth O.
    12:53 25 May 16
    We were quite pleased at how easy it was to get our document notarized.Mr. Onley is very personable and was very helpful to us.
    Dave Short
    Dave S.
    01:53 21 May 16
    Great guy, great service and a fair price, you can't ask for more.Thank you for you service.
    Daniel Trillo
    Daniel T.
    23:37 17 May 16
    Notary Public Ottawa came through for me in a pinch! Not only were they able to notarize my documents but when I was missing pivotal paperwork they offered me assistance on what steps I should take to obtain the needed forms. The service was quick, affordable, and incredibly easy! I highly recommend Notary Public Ottawa to everyone!