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Identity Theft and how Notaries help prevent it

With identity theft and document fraud on the rise globally, protecting your identity is more important now than ever before. The role of the Notary Public is more important than ever. Did you know that? Only a notarized document can effectively guarantee the identity of anyone who signs a document. The Notary Public will verify […]

Certified True Copy – What is it?

There are two definitions of a certified copy: a traditional certified copy and a certified true copy. 1) A traditional certified copy is a photocopy of a document that is certified by a notary public. Most commonly, we notarize certified true copies of identity documents (ID’s and passports) and diplomas/degrees/certificates related to education credentials. 2) […]

What is a Notary Public? Who can be a notary?

An Ontario Notary Public’s role is to verify the identity of the person signing the document. A notary public is a third-party witness to the signature of a document. Also, the Notary is a witness to the fact that all parties who signed did so willingly and under their own power. The Notary Public will also […]

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